How do I handle client payment of hosting for the website?

Hey chaps, I have a project for a client running. Just a simple website really. At the minute I am paying for hosting myself however I want to transfer everything to the client so they can handle it. Is there a way to set it up so Webflow charges them the money every month without them having to input their card details on the account I work on for the website?

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Hey @Interesting_guy :wave:

There previously was a feature called Client Billing that did just this. However, it has recently been decommissioned.

Two options I would recommend instead.

  1. Set up a new account and Workspace for client. Transfer the site there, and have them manage the billing. Depending on your relationship and how frequently you do work for them, they could also invite you to that Workspace, however that will cost more.

  2. You keep paying for hosting and use a third party software to invoice and charge them every month. Most accounting software has features for this it add ons that allow it. I personally use Xero for my accounting.

I like the second option because it allows me to manage all the sites within my Workspace. I personally bundle things into my monthly invoice. So I charge a price for hosting, basic maintenance and a small retainer every month.

Hope that helps. :slightly_smiling_face:


In this case, what do you mean by paying for hosting for your client? When we want to publish on custom domains we are forced to choose a plan. And if you want the editor option and sending forms you have to take the CMS option ($16) So you have to pay $16 for each client and re-invoice that’s what you’re offering? I am very annoyed with this webflow change…

I really wish Webflow kept this feature. This is so so handy. I only have a few sites running via Webflow (yet) and that 3rd party service they suggest (Bonsai) is just too expensive. Now I have to move 2 sites each to a separate account, while both recently had a renewal of the hosting. How will I explain this to my client? I’m also not 100% confident all will go well moving both sites. Dropping this feature is a big loss IMHO, it was one of the things I thought Webflow makes this so hassle free for graphic/web designers like me.