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Poll: How do you handle billing with clients?

Hey Webflow designers! We’d love to know how you work with your clients inside of Webflow.

Who keeps ownership of the website?

  • I keep my client’s website in my Webflow account and bill my client for edits and hosting.
  • My clients wants to keep the website on their own Webflow account. They want to pay for the account and for hosting.
  • I export and hand off the code to the client. I keep the original Webflow site in my account.
  • I don’t work with clients.

I keep the client’s website in my Webflow account, host on my or their servers, and bill my clients for edits and support

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I export the code - host them on our own dedicated server.
Have not sold a Webflow site yet… as I’m still trying to figure out how to incorporate JQuery / JQuery UI and fix map widget issues. (map issues - strange pin behavior and widget does not allow multiple pins / captcha widget / no file upload widget / no image cut crop widget.)

Also, a lot of my stuff requires php / mysql… so exporting would be a 1 way trip.

For the time being… only using Webflow to develop proto’s.

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I should be able to choose two options, to be honest ;) Some of my clients want to have their websites hosted on their Webflow account, some of them want websites from my account to be exported and sent to them as .zip file since they want to have it hosted elsewhere. Most clients give me their account details so I can work on their projects on Webflow, which is a good way as well.


When a client wants to have a CMS, i export the code, when they don’t i let Webflow do the hosting. that is much easier…

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Currently different for each project. But mostly clients want just the design either exported or transferred to their account so they can use it to create a cms around it. But this is also because there’s currently not much other options with webflow. At least when clients want to add dynamic content such as news, portfolio etc… So I’m mostly hired as just the designer, and I try to convince them to do the design in Webflow. Would be absolutely perfect to keep the complete project in webflow forever of course. Whitelabel opportunity, and custom pricing for my clients (hosting, custom domain, and other service such as support etc)


Would love a none hosted option for those like me who use Webflow professionally but do not require any hosted services as all designs (prototypes) are exported and handed to a front end developer.

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Hi, is there any news on this topic?