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Homepage navbar not changing content on other navbar pages


I have a client website with multiple pages, around 20-40.

When I create a new dropdown link on the homepage navbar, it doesn’t add to all other pages. This is a huge inconvenience as I have to copy-paste the section to all pages manually and takes too much time.

Am I missing something to make homepage navbar changes correlate to all other pages?

The website currently has the homepage navbar as it should but all other pages are a couple of days old.

Thank you!

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Bare Essentials

Hi Matthew,

I think you need to create a Symbol from your Navbar. Symbols are used when duplicate content needs to be applied across multiple pages. Hopefully this short video will explain things better than I can.

You’ll have to go through and replace the navbar on each page with the newly created symbol, but once this is done, any changes to the navigation will be reflected across the site.