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Navigation bar/new pages

Hello all,

I’m just wondering if you could point me in right direction, I’m creating my 1st website with webflow and currently building navigation bar. However it seems that webflow mainly concentrates on 1 page designs. How can I create multiple pages with the same style/design do I need to create the design for every page I create?

Also when I create a new page/navigation bar how does webflow store the navigation? will I need to link the nav buttons for every page, or does it have an include system so if I made changes to link paths will it make changes across all of my pages.

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Hey @Matty,

Great question! Webflow is by no means just for 1-page designs.

In order to maintain styling across your pages, you can achieve that by naming your Classes strategically. This way, you can save loads of time styling across your site.
When creating a new page, the Navbar widget would not automatically build the links for you – you will have to do that yourself, and style it to your liking. Adding links to your navbar is simple and straight forward. Thankfully, with Symbols, you can save time by making your Navbar a symbol and replicating it throughout your site.

The tutorials above may be slightly old, but the basic function is still the same.

Hopefully this helps, if you do have more questions, feel free to post them here.

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Thanks for the reply, thanks for the tip with regards to the Symbols option this is what I was looking for I shall have a play around with those options.

When I meant maintain my style, what I meant was when I create a new page the page is blank, is there a quick/easy way to add my information across when I create new pages?

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You can try duplicating your pages.
Like so:

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