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Issue with nav/new page

Hello all,

I’ve completed my home page in webflow and now moved on to my 2nd page, so I made my nav a symbol to make it easier for me to add to new pages and make edits. However in the new page my nav doesn’t reduce to hamburger when changes device but does on the home page?

Here is the preview link

Home page - Hamburger works fine
About us page - Nav stays the same

Thanks in advance,


Hi @Matty.

On “About” page there is no “navbar” element, there is only parts, that you create symbols from.

Navbar element has functionality inside, that is why without it, you do not have effect that you want.

All you need is

  1. add navbar element, giv it class (same as on home page)
  2. move symbols inside that navbar
  3. remove other elements out of navbar.

To me works :wink:

Good luck


Thank you worked a treat :smile:

Glad I was able to help :slight_smile: it is what makes my volunteer work enjoyable

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