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Navbar consistent across pages


I’m trying to make my navbar consistent across pages once the breakpoint changes from Desktop to tablet. Currently, it only works on my homepage but when i navigate to the other pages of my site and lower the breakpoints, my navbar does not react the same as it does when on my homepage. Any help is much appreciated.


Here is my site Read-Only: n/a

Hey, @Aaron_Kalvin.

Welcome to the Webflow community.

Please check out the following lesson about symbols and how/where to create and implement it in your site:

Hope that helps :metal:t3:

Hi Marius,

Thank you for the recommendation. I’m familiar with the video and unfortunately it does not explain how symbols are affected with breakpoints. A different explanation below.

When on my site’s pages that are other than the homepage, my Navbar(symbol) does not carry the display: none property when lowered in breakpoint as it does on my homepage.

You have to get familiar with symbols and know how they work.
As I can see in your demo, you don’t use a symbol as your header element.

When you change 1 thing in a symbol, it will be shown on all other pages, where this symbol is placed. This also affects the breakpoint settings you have set on the header, when you have turned it into a symbol.

You are not forced to use the same header in every page. If you want to use another header on another page, just do it.
But keep in mind that only changes within a symbol will transfer to the same symbol used on other pages, sections, whatever.

Ha! I realized I had not activated my symbol on the home page… smh ignore me! Thanks for the help, i’ve resolved it.

Glad I could help.