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Hero Image Style Suggestions

Good evening everyone, I was just wondering if I can get a few pointers on styling or improving the hero image that I was give. It does have an dark overlay, however I’ve several things to improve the hero image such as different gradients, different color overlays and even a slight blur but nothing seems to make it look god. I assume because of the trees and background, it kind of “Noisey” I suppose. Can i please get a few pointers? Thank you so much.

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I see what you mean, this isn’t your fault, the photo is hard to use: its whites are burnt and there’s no light or focus to draw attention to the restaurant.

It needs post production, more than CSS filters. Toning the whole thing down, using a vintage profile in Lightroom, adding highlights on the restaurant parts and nuking the darks with the curves.

Here’s my take:

(needs to be optimized now)

From there you can try a dark gradient with opacity on it.

Yes, maybe a little more warm tone on the color and a very subtle gradient will add value.

I can work with this thank you, do you think a white navbar would do good or is it fine with the navbar being transparent with white text?

The menu is good with transparent bg, the logo however (because is complex and thin) maybe a little bigger.

The FB icon seems lost.

Hi Felipe, thank you for feedback. I am still in the works for adding the social media actually. Just was pulling my hair out with what to do with this image they want as the hero.