Feedback NEEDED

hey guys,

could you please leave a feedback about my portfolio?

thanks in advance


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hey Davide!

A fellow alumni of Vako’s Webflow class, I see!

I looked at your site on desktop

-I’m not sure if the text is speaking to what the client needs. My inclination is that most client’s first concern isn’t about Webflow, and in fact most of them have never heard of it. They’re more concerned with the broad generalities of web design. I’d make it crystal clear that you’re a web designer at the beginning. ‘Not an artist’ could have tonnes of meanings
-Privacy Policy isn’t clickable. Not sure if you don’t have one or are planning to add it later

-I won’t say too much about design because its a matter of preference, but I don’t understand the wave pictures under your process. I think clients will be confused by images that seem irrelevant to web design
-Maybe introduce a second font? Inter is great for paragraphs but uninteresting for headings. I think your site communicates alot of personality, but Inter isn’t serving that

-There’s no padding on ‘Client Projects’
-I would make a clear CTA button at the bottom of the site. I had assumed that the scrolling green text was decorative until I realized that was your CTA. I think its better UX for a more recognizable button

I think there are other ways that you could set up your form than just text fields. People are lazy and don’t want to type. You have options in the suggested text, why not make those checkboxes or dropdowns?

That’s just an opinion from a minute browse, I didn’t do throughout quality assurance or anything.

You’ve advanced a long way from following along building TeamApp! Keep it up my friend!

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hey Sammy,

I really appreciate you took the time to look through it and leave a feedback.

I’m gonna take your observations and try to edit my portfolio.

I’ve been pushing hard to achieve my goals and get better at Webflow.

Thanks so much again


Just let me know if you want a deeper review. I’d be happy to help :slight_smile:

You’re doing an amazing job!

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