Hi, I just found Webflow and had a question

Hi, I have been trying to code a webpage that lets you customize labels with your own text, size, color, images. Just like how a custom t-shirt website would have an interface to let you customize them, I am trying to do the same with labels. I have been coding with html, css, and js, but keep running into more problems, the more I progress. I wanted to ask if Webflow’s interface would allow you to create something like this. I know that shopify and godaddy interfaces cannot, I was just wondering if Webflow is better equipped to handle a job like this? I would need to have a canvas, that can be resized with different size buttons, and also buttons for inserting text boxes, images, custom images, colors, and so on. Also wanted to ask, is there any way to export the whole website’s files after creation to upload onto my domain?

Yes and yes.

Thanks for your response, I want to make sure completely, because webflow support has told me that it is not possible with their interface, but may be achievable with plugins or alternatively, adding in custom code, which is what I’m trying to avoid doing. Is there a specific plugin/s that you know that can achieve this? If so, can you let me know which one/ones? Thank you so much, much appreciated!

You can’t do it with the native stuff in Webflow. But you could check out cropperjs which is a nice canvas editor to see if that might suit your needs. I’m using it in my custom admin panel to resize/crop/etc images for my articles and I didn’t have much trouble implementing it.