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Using Webflow as a content page tool and displaying in Shopify via Code or?

Hello. I have been looking for a better way to create page content for my shopify projects. Shopify’s text editor is aweful. Couple of the current apps are way weak in features and overpriced. So i also looked at using landing pages, and it always had one thing that didn’t work out for the process i was working on. So having searched many items over the past 4 days, i found the Webflow site. and if your software will be my solution for this projects and others i am working on. I am looking for something for my current shopify project, future shopify projects and couple of clients that are looking for one page or two page sites. The big one is the one that i am working on now.

Now your trial version does not have all the features to test out, so i thought i would ask you a couple of questions and go from there.

1st question. I have code from two different pieces of software and i want to make sure that when i paste these codes into the html section and js that they will work.

Code 1 is from instashow, which is a shopify app within the store. here is that test code. Not sure if this code only works inside shopify page content html? Using same type of code for Yottie Youtube tool as well

Code 2 is from a social wall media aggregate and so far it has been the best to test out with all the software i am chosing. I am trying to keep this content within a container and have flexibility on the look in shopify when other pieces of content are around it or near it. I have at least 20 pages of this type of content to do for this site and others.

So pretty sure, that these are a simple cut & Paste, but wanted to ensure that it worked.

2nd question. - I noticed you have the ability to export the entire html code for the pages that are created within webflow. I tried copying the entire html code and pasting inside the shopify page html , but it did not work as i thought it would . I guess the css code is needed ontop of that. I read in the help section about some short minicode but i was unable to get that a test.

So the question is, I want to embed the html, css from webflow into shopify, inside the body of a page i can create with zero body content. I want to keep the header and footer that shopify provides and use your software to embed the code. I am not 100% sure on how to do this without making errors or the right section, I am thinking that is i have the page already created with a title, we would be able to past into the code section of shopify.

So if there is was to embed a code right in the shopify page html, then great. If not , then want to ensure that taken the code you provide will work the way i am thinking in shopify. I would also want to have an hour paid session with a consultant or someone from your staff or network to do an online screen share of how to embed the html code and css code properly inside shopify. I am thinking that if i create a blank shopify page, name and save that page, then we can insert the code inside the body.

Thanks for your time and looking forward to seeing your software is the solution for myself on this project and other projects in the future.

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