Can I create this in Webflow?

Hi there.

I’m looking to create a website that allows my users to make small changes to a pre-selection of templates that Ive uploaded, and then enable visitors to save them to their device (preferably as a PDF/JPEG)

An example of this is the attached screenshot, where it lets users simply change text, edit fonts, then allows them to finish personalising and save.

Can Webflow allow me to build this or will I need a coder? Or is there any integrable 3rd party apps that would help me achieve this?

I’ve been trying to find a way to create this for a while now, so hopefully someone can help!

If not, thanks for reading and have a lovely Sunday!

Yes, Webflow has a CMS tier that allows for Editors.

You may be able to handle your UX and the storage of user-specific data using Wized + Xano.
You’d still likely need a developer to work out the mechanics of the “designer” UX, dynamic CSS gen, etc for the editor you’re trying to create.