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Can I enable users to create their own products on Webflow?

Hi, I’m trying to create a website similar to that allows users to customize their own products freely such as being able to upload their own artwork to plain products such as a white t-shirt or mug.

I understand that i can embed my own code and interface to allow product customization, however I’m not sure how I can link this to Webflow Ecommerce as every time a user uploads their art, it should be a new product automatically added thereby allowing them to purchase it?

Many thanks,

Hey Phat,

I don’t have a solution I’m afraid but I was wondering if you could do this using CMS? So they fill out the details (via a form, or other input method you have setup) this will include the image, the file, etc and then it gets added to your shop list?

I don’t know much about CMS or using the eCommerce features on Webflow but I thought I would make mention in case it sparks an idea for you. :bulb:

Sorry I couldn’t be much help, let me know if you get something!

Hey Perry, thanks for the suggestion! I was looking for a more streamlined process allowing customers to purchase straight after customization, since with forms Id have to manual create the product itself.


You should be able to use Zapier to streamline the process.

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Whoa thats very cool, I’ve never heard of zapier before. Ill definitely give it a try, thanks for the suggestion!

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Hey, did it work? I also wanted to create this kind of option for my customers but was not finding any solution jet …

Hi, it was easier impossible or I havent managed to figure it out. I used woocommerce instead, they allow the custom plugin i needed - hope this helps!