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Hi - we are trying to decide if Webflow is a good fit for our website and potential client sites. We are looking for a lot of customizations and would work with a developer but just want to see if some of the elements we like are supported by Webflow. We currently use Squarespace and a lot of complex JS doesn’t seem possible. We are considering Webflow, Wordpress, or a custom React site.

As an example, on a site like this: https://getsuperfluid.com/?ref=uijarcom we are wondering if elements like the logo reducing in size on scroll, horizontal gallery with the style seen on hover, the section below this with the red image card/animation in background, and the upwards text and image animation seen on the rest of the homepage are possible.

Another site that seems to have some great customizations is https://ivskaya.com/. Are these types of customizations (with the help of a developer) supported in Webflow or would this need to be a custom built from scratch site?

Would appreciate any input - thank you!

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Hi Sara_Pullen-

The short answer to your question is YES! Webflow can do all these animations your are looking for. The beauty of Webflow is that whatever you can’t achieve in the designer and with Webflow’s built in animation panel (which is a ton by itself) you can still achieve using custom code.

The logo animation, gallery slider and hover effects from Superfluid are all achievable with Webflow’s interaction panel. The custom cursor on https://ivskaya.com/ can be done with a bit of custom code.

I’d recommend checking out the Webflow showcase here: https://webflow.com/discover/popular#recent which has a ton of awesome sites from the Webflow community. A lot of these sites are clonable so you can see how they were built in Webflow.

Hope that helps and good luck! You’re in the right place.

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Hi Paul,

Thanks so much for your response! We are going to explore Webflow furthur.

Thanks so much,

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