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Custom Product Designer?

First, not sure if this is where this should be posted so picked here. If an admin can move it to the proper category that would be cool!

Anyway I was working on creating a new ecommerce website in Shopify because from what I can tell its just a much better option for ecommerce as you can have accounts, and it has all the auto emailing options for abandoned carts, shipping, etc. but I just can’t handle the lack of customizability when creating custom landing pages with it so I am looking at switching over to Webflow as I have another website with Webflow that is not ecommerce and I really love the platform.

One of the big things that made me originally want to go with Shopify is the fact that they have a few options for custom product designer plugins. Does anyone know of anything like this for Webflow? I am specifically looking for something that will allow customers to design their own t-shirt, sweater, etc. if I can upload my own products to be designed that would be awesome and if I can upload design templates for them to use as well that is even better.

Any suggestions would be super great!

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@jmoroun no, that’s not an option at the moment. I do know you can easily connect shopify and webflow so that could be an option. Do these plug-ins add that functionality in the shopping cart after someone has added the product to cart or on the page itself?

Thanks for the response @sarahfrison. I’ve read about connecting Shopify and Webflow but can’t find enough information to determine whether that will work for what I am looking to do. As for the plug in functionality, it is completely unrelated to the shopping cart. Ideally it would be connected to a form of some sort where they could create the design and submit it with their information and then I would review it, put it in my store and sell it with a portion of the profits going back to the creator.

Hi @jmoroun.
Josh from Foxy here. Depending on your specific needs with the builder, we may be able to help. Information on our seamless Webflow integration can be found here:

Mind emailing us details on your needs and links to any similar builders you’re wanting to setup:

Thanks so much!


You can try out Brush Your Ideas Product Design Tool. It integrates with almost all the platforms. If the platform is not on the list, you can connect it via API. So, I don’t think you will face any issue integrating it with Webflow. As for the features, it provides various customization options. It’s a simple, handy tool that any customer with no tech-knowledge can use to design their own t-shirts, sweaters, hoodies, and the other wide range of products. It consists of a huge library of clipart, texts, visuals, colors, fonts, and more. You can also edit the images as per the design and size of the t-shirt or sweater. It also allows customers to custom upload their design images. One more thing, it auto-restricts the image if the resolution is low.

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