Help with my mistake

Hello, we paid for workspace instead of site plan by mistake, can we get a refund or replace work space with site plan please. We can’t send a support email, there’s an error

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Don’t email support, use the support contact forms.
Just click “Support” at the top right of this forum.

Can we contact support other way? Is it possible? We dont want full refund, we just want to replace work space by site plan if it possible, we just make a mistake on our first project. I try to contact support by unrecognised charge topic on support, but i dont know what i can do about this…

If you are on an enterprise plan, you have phone support, otherwise it’s the support system I indicated.

Thanks a lot!
But we are the core work space plan we want to change

@Valhalla359 - Follow the instructions @memetican provided. We can’t address your issue from the community forum.