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Has anyone experience hang/freeze/crash while using webflow in chrome?

I noticed yesterday that while editing my webflow site with custom jquery (iosscripts slider) my entire computer freezes like a block of ice. May or may not be related to webflow, but several times now while working in webflow-chrome (the only app running) the SBBOD will appear and eventually the entire machine freezes.

Any thoughts or things to try?


Hi @brianbishop, that’s a big bummer. I’ve edited some big sites in Webflow before and it has hanged and crashed my Chrome, but that’s rare (Note: we’re pushing a big update to improve performance early next month). Though it has never frozen my whole machine though.

Can you check if you have any extensions on Chrome that may be conflicting with your custom jquery?

Thanks @thesergie - something along those lines is likely the culprit. I installed DoNoTrackMe and MaskMe extensions this past weekend, and thats when the problem started. Switching over to Safari allowed me to get work done for a demo yesterday, but I will try and isolate the problem to see if the custom jquery (which is minimal, and shouldn’t affect anything in the webflow app at edit time) is clashing with the extension, or it is just a clash of the extension and the webflow app (which I am sure has a ton of complex javascript).