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Webflow / Mavericks Conflict?

I’m reaching out to ask if you’ve had any issues with Webflow creating conflicts and crashing OS X Mavericks. Finder on my laptop started crashing repeatedly on Wed while I was using Webflow. Here’s a timeline:


  • Using Webflow, chrome pages start to continuously crash, Finder starts crashing repeatedly, mac shuts off & reboots itself. All desktop apps unable to launch (everything “quits unexpectedly”).
  • Run Antivirus/Malware software - cleared (web & applications still crash)
  • Apple Genius Bar:
    • launched in safe mode, apple diagnostic checks - cleared
    • Apple installs clean/new version of Mavericks
  • Since the crashes started during web usage, I thought it could be a Chrome extension conflict, so I installed a fresh version of chrome canary.


  • System works fine. Used photoshop, browsed web with no problems. Did not use Webflow.


  • Started using Webflow in the morning, the webpage died and my mac rebooted on it’s own. The finder has begun to crash repeatedly again.
  • Removed ~/Library/Preferences/ and restarted (web & applications still crash)
  • Reset SMC / NVRAM / PRAM

Right now Webflow is the only consistent factor. Could there be a Webflow conflict here that’s causing my system to crash? Has anyone else reported this? I’ve never seen this behavior before.

I’ll keep updating this doc with my progress. Thanks to @thesergie for suggesting I post this to see if anyone in Webflow the community has seen this problem.

no such problems here… maybe you have a bad memory issue on your machine.

Hi, I have not had any of these issues, so I think yes, maybe the issue is in your machine perhaps. I am using Mavericks with latest stable version of chrome. You might try the latest stable version of chrome and see if you have any issues. Also install all latest Mavericks updates.

@bryantay @cyberdave Thanks for the tips. Yeah, been using Mavericks and stable Chrome versions regularly for several months with no problems. Installed Mavericks 10.9.3 update & my machine went into kernel panic - craziest thing I’ve ever seen on a Mac. Ended up having to wipe my laptop clean. Yay! :smile:

I’m running a 2008 MacPro with Chrome [latest], Mavericks and Webflow, never had any issues. Sounds like there is an underlying issue with your laptop that gets triggered with Webflow.
Good luck