Webflow freezes very much

> Hello I have very strongly hangs webflow when I do something for example edit the text, hangs for 3-4 seconds. The system is powerful, everything else works, RAM memory is enough, the project is large, whatever I do not edit, insert, save, webflow freezes, it takes a lot of time for nothing.

this happens for any action - dragging, copying, inserting, editing text, saving texts (exiting editing)

Your version is: Chrome 81 on Windows 10

This only happens with this project



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How fast is your internet speed?

about 5 MB / s ±, It loads everything fairly quickly, without delays on other sites, and the video loads normally too. On the site somewhere about 20-30 forms, but I do not know why it hangs, should not in fact )))

Same problem here, with a CMS with more than 1000 items.

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Same problem. My computer starts to make noise when I want to edit things in collections. On designer and editor… When I open up Photoshop, it makes less fan noise than working in webflow…

Probably a script that checks to much in a low interval.

5mb/s isn’t great for something intensive like Webflow. I sometimes had issues with 30 meg.

Same here and I have 95MB/s.

The obvious culprit would be Chrome as far as I am concerned. It just sucks all the resources the further it stays open.

I noticed it happens more and more as I work longer, especially on large projects with a lot of elements on the page and CMS collections. After a while, clicking anything in the interface or keying some keystrokes comes with a severe lag.

I have large screens (27" iMac 5k + LG Ultrafine 5k), which may also be a factor.

Despite running 32GB RAM, I find that restarting Chrome helped. But it can be a pain to stop everything and get back into it - But it makes for a welcome break in the concentration!

For now, I have switched to Brave browser, and installed an extension to pause tabs that are not in use (The Big Suspender).

Anyone has the same issues?

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Answering to myself on that one, but I neglected to add that other apps running on your machine are competing with the open browser tabs as well, even on an OS that can balance resources nicely between what is on the front-end and what works in the background.

It should be evident that running Chrome + Outlook + Teams + Excel + Photoshop + AfterEffects will run any decent machine to the ground, let alone less powerful ones.

But there are other culprits which I found myself moving away from, and going back to use their “web version in the browser”: Slack, Jira, Hyper, Simplenote, Visual Studio Code. All responsible for a large portion of my day, and all of them are built with Electron.

If you’re not familiar with Electron, it’s a framework that allows developers to create desktop apps using web technologies. “If you can build a website, you can build a desktop app” was their literal tagline. In fact, many Electron applications feel almost exactly like websites, and it is attractive to many developers because it makes cross-compatible apps for various OS with little to no effort.

Under the hood, Electron is powered by the Chromium rendering engine and Node.js. Chromium is the open-source part of Google’s Chrome browser. And Node.js is powered by V8, which is Chrome’s JavaScript engine.

So, every time you run an Electron app, you are kind of loading another instance of a full Chrome browser …

My strategy so far has been to revert to using web-based versions of these tools instead, and rely on some third-party extension to “pause” those that need top when not in use.

This is really easy with G-Suite and Office (and even cheaper with Microsoft, as you can use the lower or free tier instead):

  • Outlook.com instead of running Outlook app
  • Office.com apps instead of running local installs
  • Gmail/G apps
  • Slack in a tab instead of the app
  • reverting to web-based Jira and Confluence

I am looking at transferring from VS Code (which I really like, do not get me wrong) to a web based IDE, such as Cloud9 which works with my AWS stacks.

I am still investigating whether this will pay off in the long run, as having less apps but more tabs will have its own drawbacks too. So, as always, do not take my words as bible and research it for yourself :slight_smile:

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