Guidance for Building a SaaS Platform with Webflow Integrations

Hello Webflow Community,

I’m currently in the process of creating a SaaS platform that integrates financial reporting for business clients, leveraging Microsoft PowerBI displayed within Webflow. I’d love to gather some insights or advice from this knowledgeable community to overcome a hurdle I’m facing.

Here’s what I’m building:

  1. Account Creation and Management:
  • A system for companies to create free or paid accounts on a “company-level” and add multiple employees to these company accounts.
  • This setup is achieved using Memberstack for membership management, Make (formerly Integromat) for automation, and Airtable for database management, all integrated with Webflow. I believe this part of the project is straightforward.
  1. Gated Content and Custom Pages:
  • Developing a structure for free trial users to access generic gated content and for paid users to have access to company-specific content displayed on personalized company pages.
  • Challenges include creating an admin area and multiple user-specific pages, like management reporting, customer reporting, etc., personalized based on the user and their company ID.
  1. PowerBI Report Integration:
  • Embedding customer-specific PowerBI reports into the user dashboard. The current embedding method based on an iFrame is restrictive, offering limited customization for functionality and visual presentation.
  • I’m seeking alternative methods or resources to enhance the integration of PowerBI reports with our user dashboards for a more tailored experience.


Currently, the second step is quite challenging. I’m looking for the best way to create multiple customer-specific pages based on unique company or employee IDs that generate personalized slugs.

I would appreciate some help or valuable information on the follwing issues:

  • Suggestions on how to architect these individualized pages in Webflow.
  • Advice on integrating PowerBI more dynamically than the standard embed options.

Thank you for your help and support! :blush:

Hi, to utilise webflow with ease and no roadblocks use Wized and Xano. At first it looks expensive but the time saved developing and hacking things compensates.

I have used other software stacks before and using Webflow, Wized and Xano is like any other fullstack combinations. The Wized channel on YouTube is a good start. Also checkout this video I did showing a SAAS AI demo project. User signup/ authorization, api integrations (chatgpt) and stripe payments.

For a practical demonstration, there are projects like the AI SaaS app on GitHub, which showcases features like user signup/authorization, API integrations, and Stripe payments. ProCADIS Autodesk Inventor 2024 sale. This can be a great reference for anyone looking to build a similar SaaS AI demo project.

Utilizing Webflow for your SaaS platform is a great choice. To tackle gated content and custom pages, consider leveraging Webflow’s CMS capabilities and Memberstack for user management. For PowerBI integration, explore custom API solutions for more dynamic embedding. Additionally, here Top SaaS Web Design Agencies, that could offer valuable insights into optimizing your platform’s design and functionality. Good luck!