Guidance for Building a SaaS Platform with Webflow Integrations

Hello Webflow Community,

I’m currently in the process of creating a SaaS platform that integrates financial reporting for business clients, leveraging Microsoft PowerBI displayed within Webflow. I’d love to gather some insights or advice from this knowledgeable community to overcome a hurdle I’m facing.

Here’s what I’m building:

  1. Account Creation and Management:
  • A system for companies to create free or paid accounts on a “company-level” and add multiple employees to these company accounts.
  • This setup is achieved using Memberstack for membership management, Make (formerly Integromat) for automation, and Airtable for database management, all integrated with Webflow. I believe this part of the project is straightforward.
  1. Gated Content and Custom Pages:
  • Developing a structure for free trial users to access generic gated content and for paid users to have access to company-specific content displayed on personalized company pages.
  • Challenges include creating an admin area and multiple user-specific pages, like management reporting, customer reporting, etc., personalized based on the user and their company ID.
  1. PowerBI Report Integration:
  • Embedding customer-specific PowerBI reports into the user dashboard. The current embedding method based on an iFrame is restrictive, offering limited customization for functionality and visual presentation.
  • I’m seeking alternative methods or resources to enhance the integration of PowerBI reports with our user dashboards for a more tailored experience.


Currently, the second step is quite challenging. I’m looking for the best way to create multiple customer-specific pages based on unique company or employee IDs that generate personalized slugs.

I would appreciate some help or valuable information on the follwing issues:

  • Suggestions on how to architect these individualized pages in Webflow.
  • Advice on integrating PowerBI more dynamically than the standard embed options.

Thank you for your help and support! :blush:

Hi, to utilise webflow with ease and no roadblocks use Wized and Xano. At first it looks expensive but the time saved developing and hacking things compensates.

I have used other software stacks before and using Webflow, Wized and Xano is like any other fullstack combinations. The Wized channel on YouTube is a good start. Also checkout this video I did showing a SAAS AI demo project. User signup/ authorization, api integrations (chatgpt) and stripe payments.