Is Webflow right for my project?

Hi Webflow friends,

I hope you can help! I’m assessing whether Webflow is the right platform for my project, and hoping some of all the experts here can help with some honest and clear guidance.

I want to build a platform where:

  • People/companies can create an account (subscription based) and access a dashboard where they can:
  • Manage and invite more users to their account (10’s not thousands)
  • Create “projects” under their account
  • A project shall consist of some text based data and video URLS’s and the possibility to upload one or more PDF’s.
  • The creators should be able to send the attached docs to people using their email.
  • These people should be able to digitally read and sign the PDFs
  • It should be visible in the project overview if people have signed the PDFs

Can this be achieved using Webflow + maybe Memberstack + maybe others, eg. Pandadoc… Or is this not the best route for what I’m describing.

My project will of course also have a consumer-facing site where people can read about the project and sign up – But Webflow can easily handle that.

Massive THANKS in advance for sharing your experience.


Offhand I don’t see Webflow as a match for you, but I am not prepared to invest hours trying to fit a square peg in a round hole by testing potential third-party tools to give you a definite answer. Best of luck on your project.

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That’s the kind of gut-advice I need.
Did it make you think of other obvious avenues/platforms that exist out there?
Thanks Jeff.

This sounds pretty custom to me. I would probably build it with a framework like Laravel.

Maybe with a mix of, airtable, docusign and integromat. That could be doable.

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I usually hire a developer to build on top of webflow… right now I’m building a full dashboard in webflow with authentication and laravel/3rd party API’s… It’s possible and I prefer this over other methods

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Thanks Pierre – Didn’t know Wized… Looks cool, and like they are addressing my exact need relative to building web-apps. THANKS!

Got it! Nice to know it’s doable.


This is a great project for good ole Drupal, DNN, Umbraco, etc… as you want gated content, and to have different users to have different permissions and roles through front-facing login, as well as a bit of a document management for the roles, and a hint of gamifacation.

This would be better served with these type of platforms. Or, as described above you could go the custom route, but I’m a huge believer in as much out-of-box functionality as possible.

Good luck :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Thanks Stephen.
I agree, that no need to build a rocket that exists already. So this is perfect input. Thanks.

My advice is Drupal at this point. A lot of this functionality can be found their, and if your project starts making you money and you need more enterprise features you can push to Acquia (Enterprise side of drupal), and get some great scaled tools.

I would still use Webflow as the design HTML tool for the design, as you can export out and create an awesome design system here if you are someone like me that is visual first.

Got it! I actually hadn’t thought of the option of simply exporting from Webflow, because yeah: I’m a visual first person too – It needs to look really good.

Thanks Stephen, super valuable input!

Last thought,

Webflow is in development right now to creating a new login and membership feature - User login and membership functionality | Webflow Wishlist

So we will have to see how the roles and permission changes with that feature set as well, and see if there is any workflow added for any true complex scenarios.

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