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From what i have seen in the marketplace, dashboards can be created, which is great, but if i wanted to build an environment that allows a business and a customer to have separate dashboards, can this be done?

So depending on the type of signup route it will then lad that person at the correct dashboard. From there can the two dashboards communicate with each other? so if i wanted a document to be downloaded the business can upload and the customer can download.

As i am not a full stack coder, if webflow was unable to do this, would this be a Bubble or FlutterFlow project?

The dashboard design is easy enough to do in Webflow. Making it functional is a different thing altogether.

Based on what you’re describing I’d immediately suggest that you either plan to go with a Webflow-hosted site + Wized + Xano, and build out your UX, business logic and data model that way.

Or you plan to export your site and build it on a custom back-end.

Or, use Webflow devlink, create the UX in Webflow and build your system on React, against your own database. Xano can be a good option here as well.

However those monthly costs add up, and so does the technical skill requirement.

I’ve not used Bubble or FlutterFlow, but for a system that is primarily about the app functionality and not the gorgeous UI design, I’d explore those or possibly WeWeb.

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@Chris_Pallant Hi Chris, you can build dashboard with wized and xano. We can help out with this. Do you have an email to discuss further?