Job portal development in webflow


I wanted to know if it is possible to build a job portal website in webflow. There would be two sections i.e. for candidates and for employers. Candidates can sign up, log in, create their profile, upload their resume in the backend. And they can also search for jobs. Employers can sign up, log in, post jobs and search for candidates. Is this something that can be built within webflow? What other tools would I need to work on this like Airtable, memberstack, zapier, etc.?

Any articles/videos on this topic would be really helpful.

Thanks in advance!

Webflow is not an app development platform, but if you really want the UX design flexibility it offers, look into Wized + Xano. It will give you all of the tools you need to authenticate, manage accounts and dashboards, store user data, even billing.

Hello Michael,

Thanks for the reply. I understand that Wized is used for the authentication purposes. Can we not use Webflow’s in-built user accounts for this?

Wized is an entire development framework Auth is one part. So is the UX design, datasource access, and querying capabilities you need.

User accounts is a closed membership system. I occasionally build systems that “open” it for clients but in your case that’s only one small piece of the overall framework you need to build a job portal.

Thanks for the revert. One last question, can I use Memberstack for the authentication and Airtable for the database storage to achieve this? I checked few Youtube videos and found these softwares easy to work with.

You’d have a top-notch passenger-side door & seat ( Memberstack ), and an excellent trunk for storage ( Airtable ). Still not a car. You’re not going anywhere with those two pieces alone.

If you’re still not understanding, you should try building it using only those tools, it’s the best way to learn.

Unfortunately Webflow Memberships isn’t very powerful or feature-rich, and it’s a closed system as @memetican pointed out.

Wized is for more than just authentication, it allows you to create all of the logic linking Webflow to a backend like Xano, in a low-code manner.

Either option - Memberstack and Airtable, or Wized and Xano - will teach you a lot and be a great learning experience. But for building a stable, scalable app that you can improve overtime, Wized and Xano are you best bet.

I built a really solid job board template with Webflow, Memberstack, and Make - it comes with all the tutorials, support, etc.

This one uses the Webflow CMS as a database, which is the easiest and is sufficient for most use cases, but definitely using Xano is more scalable.

You could build it out with the Webflow CMS, and then add in Wized and Xano if/when needed, they should all play nicely together! Sometime this year, there will be an official integration between Wized and Memberstack (according to Finsweet)


I created website which is exactly what you’re asking about.
The candidates can apply via form and go to Airtable. When they sign up, the system creates login details for them so they can fill their profile with more information.

Employees can access the marketplace (on request) and see candidates by category, see candidates resumes and contact them.

It’s all done in Webflow and extra integrations. I don’t recommend using Memberstack due to many data leaks and potential hacks that can be done (e.g. if you disable javascript). There are a lot of better options, i.e. Auth0 which you can integrate if you have a bit more knowledge

The way how I integrate webflow with other tools is explained in my video on youtube

That isn’t an issue with Memberstack, that’s an issue with people using simple client-side gating for sensitive content.

Memberstack is very, very transparent with what you should and should not use their basic client-side gating for. For important, sensitive content, people are recommended to use the hosted content feature, metadata, or member JSON depending on the use case.

Speaking now on behalf of myself and not Memberstack, don’t promote your own product by lying about other products. I’m sure your product has lots of great features which Memberstack does not have that you can use instead to promote your product :slight_smile:

Auth0 is not my own product. I don’t do IT services anymore for any customers, I keep long-term relationship with my existing ones. The video was to explain how I integrate it, for free for everyone…