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Adding Gifs, but files are too large?

Hi everyone,

I wanted to see if anyone has successfully been able to add a gif to their portfolio (for UX Design). I’ve been trying to add this 6 second clip but no matter what I do the gif is too large. I’m not sure how to successfully get it up. Any tips would be helpful. Thank you!

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hi @Danielle_Rose using Gifs on website is not best practice. But when you have done gifs you can convert these into video format. Here is an article that will explain why and how, but feel free to use any search engine to find more about this topic . :wink:

Hi @Stan so I would do video, but I only want to be able to see the phone screen (like the below).

It seems like in webflow you have to share a link to the video which then blows it up to include black space around the video (like the below)

I’ve been sweeping everywhere and I’m honestly lost as to how some people have been able to embed beautiful animations and still be under the size cap. I can’t seem to find a good resolution to this. Any advice?

hi @Danielle_Rose working with video is a bit challenging compare to images. Firstly video auto-playback on mobile devices is not recommended. Secondly these nice videos or hi-res images are most probably hosted on CDN’s and they are paid services. I have found some links you can read but I do not know level of your web developer knowledge as some article are a bit techy.

But before you will read these I have to mention that WF offer video element you can use. Only limitation is that size of video can be max 30MB.


I have posted this video only because your image on mobile has water theme

hope that after reading these articles you will scratch surface “how to” work with video on web.

Thank you I am not familiar with development (only UX Design). I’ll try reviewing the content you sent, I know other designers have gotten it without having to do anything too complicated, but not sure how

hi @Danielle_Rose glad to hear that UI/UX designers found the way how to simplify this process. Hope that someone will explain to you how they did it when you ask them. :wink: