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Unable to upload a GIF file


I’m a newbie to Webflow and used a template to build my portfolio. I’ve been trying to upload a GIF to one of my projects using a photo upload icon, but that does not seem to work. GIF file is only 2.5MB in size. Any recommendations?

Hi @Miss_Ania, thanks for your post. That sounds strange for sure.

As the Designer of a site project and making Design changes, it is often helpful to first try the following steps:

– Try to reproduce the behavior while using Webflow in Incognito mode/Private window mode with browser extensions turned off.

– It may be helpful to disable the browser cache so that updated files are always downloaded instead of pulling old content from browser cache.

Only Google Chrome or Apple Safari browser works for the designer, so one thing is to try another browser to see if that helps to isolate the issue root cause.

If the issue persists, let me know so that I can help to check further.

Hi Dave,

I cleared Safari’s cache and was able to upload GIF to my site project, but GIF appears as a still image. It’s working perfectly fine in Safari, but it’s not animated in Webflow. Any thoughts?

Hi @Miss_Ania,

Thanks for your reply, I am happy to take a look, can you help to share the project read only link and page name where the gif is loaded?

​Thanks in advance

Hi @cyberdave,

The GIF is finally working properly, but I have to say, each time I’m trying to load any kind of image I have to do it at least twice before webflow project site uploads the image/video. Often I need to relaunch Safari for Webflow to upload the file. Any thoughts?

Hi @Miss_Ania, thanks for your reply, that sounds like there is something in your browser or connection that is preventing proper upload, does the issue happen if you use incognito mode in chrome or private window mode in Safari?

What kind of computer are you using and is your browser using the latest version update?