Gif file size too large?

When I try uploading a gif into the image element, it says “Image upload failed. Max image size is 4MB.” Is there any GIF compressor anyone recommends, because I have a 3.5 second GIF that I want to upload to one of my pages, but it’s so large–6.3MB!

Also, would I be able to delay the playback until it’s fully loaded, so that when someone opens the page it will load faster?

Any help is much appreciated.


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There are a ton of free applications out there that will compress the file.

Here’s an entire thread on Webflow about various applications:

(I even added my own thoughts to the thread… and I mentioned PhotoBulk.)

I don’t think you can further compress an animated GIF. You might need to downsize it’s resolution (dimensions).

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I think you are right. I kinda missed the GIF part of the question.
I rarely use GIFs… so @jkniep - I guess as @samliew said - make it smaller.

@samliew and @Revolution, thanks for the help. I figured it out now. Thanks for the optimization tools, too! Those will definitely help me in the future (for pngs and jpgs).

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