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Hi everyone!

Is it possible that because Google Ads uses non-reserved URL characters, capitalized letters and underscores when it generates a unique gclid tracking parameter, URL rewrite engine changes them, which blocks click-specific data from my Analytics reports (such as campaign, session and keyword)?

Thanks for your answers!

Sorry but I am not following what your actual question is? Could you break it down a bit more?

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I’m sorry, I will try explaining it better.

Recently my company switched to Webflow hosting, new website design, redirects and all, Everything works perfectly well, we love the design and creativity Webflow made possible for us. And the tutorials, videos, blog posts and forum community are really really great! :smiley:

So few days ago we setup two Google Ads campaign, with landing pages on our site (hosted on Webflow).
For those two campaigns we used auto-tagging URL (for landing page URL), which generates a unique gclid tracking parameter to our URL. So our landing page URL looks something like this:

Since the campaigns started our Analytics reports zero sessions on those campaigns. All the clicks are visible, but all the sessions are attributed to campaign that is “not set”. I was wondering if this could happen because Webflow URLs are case sensitive?
Maybe it would be better to manually tag landing page URLs using UTM parameters?
If the URL limitations are what is causing this, maybe there is some workaround?

Thank you for your attention :blush: :smile:

You would need to manually tag each page you are looking to track.

Thank you Brandon :slight_smile: I will do that.

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