Google ads conversion tracking accross Webflow pages

Hi guys, I have recently migrated a new website for my company to Webflow, who require extensive tracking of data for their marketing campaigns.

We want to track google ads conversions, but the problem I’m having is that when you click on an ad it takes you to, but we want to pass the google ad conversion when a hubpot embed form on a different page is completed. The problem I am having is that when you click the CTA button from the home page and go to the form page, the google ads URL ID is lost and it reverts to the normal page ID. We collect the conversions in hubspot and send them to google ads, but currently this isn’t working. I believe the correct term is UTM tracking

On the previous website the form was a pop-up on the home-page, so the google ads URL ID was passed on completion.

I wonder if anyone has come across this problem or may have some helpful information on how to resolve this.

Thanks in advance