GTM with webflow and webapp (cross domain)

How do we get GTM and GA to work cross site so that when a user clicks from our webflow site and into the webapp we maintain the same session- can keep tracking where the user goes on the page?

We have a different domain for webflow and our webapp.

Think we need to do something like this, but not sure how we attach to anchor tag-

Hi @Stephen_Phillips, I know this is old but I’m facing the same issue. I am trying to measure conversion rates for each landing page but all the conversions are attributed to my page. The register page is a custom page for our web app and the rest of the pages are built in webflow. I suspect that somehow GA measures all traffic going from the webflow landing page to the register page as a new session and that is why it attributes everything to the register page.

Hi Stephen,

Thanks for your post. It’s helping make more sense of an issue I’m facing.

I am planning to run a campaign - and want to track conversions accordingly in Google Analytics - redirecting traffic from LinkedIn to a specific landing page of our Webflow-built website. UTM parameters are visible. So far so good, but now comes the hard part (for me).

From the specific landing page, visitors should click a link which will open in a new window/page. Issue 1: the UTM parameters are not visible anymore in the URL. On this page I want visitors to take 4 steps (by filling out forms fields and uploading a doc) in a Single Page Application (step 4 being the confirmation page (the page that I see as the final conversion)). Issue 2: the page is hosted by an external service provider.

How can I ensure that the UTM parameters are “inherited” from the landing page?

Any help is appreciated.