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Question on adding Google Ad conversion tracking to my site when Google Analytics is already integrated with Webflow?

Hi everyone,

Here is my read-only link, and here is my live link.

I put my Google Universal Analytics Tracking ID on the integrations input for Google Analytics under the project settings for this tab.

However, I want to track conversions for my Google Ads paid marketing as well. Google sent me the attached email. Wondering if anyone can help me understand this better on what to do so that Google is tracking correctly in Google Analytics and Google Ads.


I recommend that you review Google’s documentation and attempt to follow it step by step. If you are stuck on a step, come back to the forum, search to see if there is an answer, if not create a new post.

In that post provide all the specifics you can.

It is hard to get people to weigh in on something that might not be clear to them (exactly what you want) and where such extensive documentation exists already (Google … name product here).