Gmail email & moving from Hostgator to Webflow


Let’s say:

I have a website:
Hosted at: Hostgator
Registrar: GoGaddy.
Gmail: a paid business email is connected to this domain, so my gmail email is:

And let’s say I want to move to Webflow, so…

  • I need a webflow hosting plan (i already have)
  • I need to setup things at Godaddy’s backend to point to Webflow.

I understand until this point (more or less).

But what happens to my GMAIL? Could I lose access during this transition? This is crucial, as I need the email to login to certain services, and I MUST avoid being locked out due to inaccessible email.


  1. What do I need to do EXACTLY to keep gmail working when I migrate to Webflow?
  2. when do I need to do these steps regarding Gmail? Before or after I instruct Godaddy to point ot Webflow?
  3. what else do I need to know for this transition?

Many thanks!


Just don’t delete any of the DNS entries you have for your email. You probably already have some A records in your DNS for your current host, if you switch to Webflow, they’ll provide you with new A records to replace the existing ones. As long as you don’t delete other records from your DNS you will be fine.