What will happen with emails after transferring domain from godaddy to webflow?

I need small advice from your side, guys. We have a website ZZZ which was handled by Third part company (domain under their GoDaddy account and hosting was sharing hosting between their clients, email attached to the Gmail). Now we are doing a rebranding of the website in-house with my Marketing team.

We created a website with Webflow platform and need to transfer domain from the Third part company to our Webflow account. The third part company offered to transfer the domain from their Godaddy account to our ZZZ GoDaddy account.

Could you please advise if this transfer might affect ZZZ emails (they are with Gmail but under Godaddy domain).

Thank you very much.

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You’re not transferring the domain to Webflow, you make it point to webflow. And only the web part of the domain. If you follow webflow domain documentation, you’ll add just what is needed to link the domain to the website, and if you don’t remove what’s already in place for emails, well, there won’t be a change in the routing of emails.

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Great. Thanks, Vincent.

To be perfectly clear, there is maybe, from the default configuration of your domain at godaddy, some records (mainly A records) that you’ll have to either edit into the new one or delete to create a new one. just don’t delete any other record as they’re handling your emails and maybe other things.

Handle domains configuration with care :slight_smile: (And make a backup of the configuration prior to edit it, if possible, that’s rule #1 of domain settings).

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