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Getting rid of a horizontal scroll bar

My client is telling me that she sees a horizontal scroll bar (on a PC) but I can’t see it at all on my Apple devices so it’s quite difficult to troubleshoot. Here is a screenshot she’s sent me:

Any idea what could be causing this?

Edit: I’m using the parallax technique I found in this forum thread which I believe may be what is causing this odd scrollbar, but I don’t know why (if that’s helpful!).

Here is my public share link: LINK


Your preview link doesn’t work, and doesn’t either… could you give us the preview link + published link please? Thanks in advance. Also did you find the help you were looking for on your other 2 questions?

Sorry about that! There was a duplicate http in there. Updated!

I worked out a bit of a fake for the parallax section, so I’m good there. Thanks.

I’m going to reply instead of make an edit to the thread so people will hopefully notice it. I figured this out. Apparently internet explorer does not like 100VW and adds an extra bit of width. I just removed that and set the width to auto and max-width to 100VW and it seems to be taken care of.


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