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Horizontal scroll bar at bottom of page


Having issues tracking down a rogue setting which is causing the site to have a horizontal scrollbar (to nowhere!) at the bottom of the browser window.

Please could someone take a look and tell me what might be causing this? Had a look at some similar posts, but none of them seem to be relevant to this case.

Thanks in advance!

Set your overflow to none.

also it’s handy to set your widths to 100% or 100VW (view width)

but if you don’t set overflow when an element slides in. Then it will create horizontal space for it.

Thanks for the quick response! I’ve set Overflow to Hidden and a max width of 100% for Div Block 3 and the Collection List and Link Block above it, but the scrollbar is still there…

What am I missing?

What is your published site?

The designer isn’t showing a scroll issue, your footer does not have a set width either


Missed the footer setting but now set it to 100 as well. Scrollbar still there!

you had a 7px right margin on your slider

that might be it. Margins can do that and it was very slight. Check any right margins

Thought that might have been it too…but nope. Just gone through all of the container elements and that was the only I could find that had a right margin.

I know it’s going to be a crazy obvious setting somewhere that’s been nudged, but I just can’t find it! :frowning:

I hate it when that happens , maybe someone else will see another reason. Btw do you not use the section div’s on purpose?

I don’t see any horizontal scrollbar on your homepage, good job fixing it!

It was the sub nav - not sure what was causing the problem, but hiding the overflow on that seemed to sort it (even though now when I make it visible again and publish, the scrollbar doesn’t return…). Weird. Thanks for the help and checking in!

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