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Horizontal scrolling for no reason

I was not sure where to post this as I am brand new to both the platforma nd this website. I am helping a friend create a website, and I thought I was doing well until I checked the preview and I have a horizontal scroll from some reason. The only way I have found to get rid of it is to delete everything…So, I honestly have no idea what to do.

This is the published preview where the scrollbar is a problem

This is the preview link

any help would be much appreciated

You’ve got a width of 100vw set to your navbar, that’s pushing things to the side :slight_smile: . No need to set a width here, change it to ‘auto’ and the issue should be solved.

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Oh my goodness thank you so much. How did you know that was it? The only way I was able to solve it was by deleting m,y whole content section. Which made me think it was in the content section. Thank you so much

That’s what we’re here for @Richard_H :wink: . These odd scrollbars are almost always cause by a 100% or 100vw width :slight_smile: .

lol, well, since i have you. What do you think? haha. Any advice for a newbie about my first design? Or at least so far. See any common mistakes that i should learn to avoid early on?

@Richard_H What I would say is avoid using a slider as a way to give people different kinds of information on each slide. It’s easy to miss and super annoying when you’re reading a slide and then it moves to the next :slight_smile: . Give everything a bit more room as well. White space, even if it’s blue :wink: , does help to make things clearer.

for white space, are you meaning like more margin around my 3 content boxes? or do you mean more than that? Like in other areas as well.

I’d say a bit more in your nav and the containers as well

Oh and change the ‘content-box’'s size from 30 VH to 30%. This way it takes up 30% of the parent container, not the screensize

That makes sense. The 30%.

You have been so helpful. I really appreciate it.

@Richard_H you’re very welcome, that’s what we’re here for :slight_smile:

I think you exceeded your reason for being here, lol. Unless of course you’re also here to help me design. Haha.

I do appreciate the assistance though. I am still pretty new to all of this, so all help is welcome.

I implememented the changes you suggested and I agree that it does look more clear. I haven’t changed the slider yet, but thats a different problem for a different day. haha

here is the updated version

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@Richard_H hahaha! Looks good! Be careful with your nav menu and the three option boxes, the white boxes appear on top of the nav at the moment :slight_smile:

Hmm that is not what I am seeing…?

@Richard_H Here’s what I saw, I did mean, the boxes appear under the nav, whoops. Still not the best look :slight_smile:

Interesting, what browser are you using? Are you on a phone or a tablet?

I know the design isn’t that good…it is a work in progress. Sorry

@Richard_H design’s fine, just needs a bit of refinement but you’ll get there. Keep getting used to webflow and it’ll be easier and easier :slight_smile:.
I’m on a laptop seeing this. What are you seeing/were you planning for it to look like?

Well, I am on a desktop. What I see is the nav, the slider, and then the three white boxes. On your laptop it seems to have removed the slider all together.

@Richard_H oh, no, the slider’s there! I scrolled down and took the screenshot to show what the nav looks like when you’re scrolling down and reach the section with the boxes.

Oh. OK. Now I understand. Haha. Now I know what I am looking for. I will check it out. Hmmmm. I thought it was just the whole page scrunched like that.