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Horizontal Scroll bar [Resolved]

A couple days ago I was able to get my site to work perfectly, but its riddled with random bugs now and its a bit frustrating. There is a persistent horizontal scroll bar, and I have gone through with a comb to set max widths, and to make sure that overflow is set to hidden, and even set up a test site to see if its even something on my site to begin with, but the test site is showing the same problems.
The test site is just two 100vh 100vw div blocks, overflow none with color backgrounds for the fun of it. The horizontal scrollbar is there too. I know I can use
body, html {
overflow-x: hidden;
But I am worried that this bug is messing with some of my other things.

I should’ve set it to Max 100%, not VH/VW- nevermind…

Here is my site Read-Only: Test site-
Real site-

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Btw I wanted to test and I’m seeing the same problem >

divs with 100VW and 100VH no max

Okey, the div is already 100% from the VW so just using VH for the height is the right way.

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