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Help finding what is causing horizontal scroll bar?


I have developed a site for a client using WebFlow. Everything seemed fine, but then the client made some changes “without my supervision” :slight_smile: , and now I am seeing a horizontal scrollbar on all pages on all views. This is the WebFlow preview link:

I’m wondering if any experts can shed some light as to what is causing the horizontal scrollbar, and how to possibly fix it on my site?

Thanks for the preview link! Could you please share a published link so we can test the behavior? ( :sunglasses:

Sure: :slight_smile:

Old suggestion

Can you please grab Hero Overlay, set its width to 100%, and publish?

Edit: Cancel that! It’s your Social Icons div! Here’s the fix:

  1. Select your Social Icons div and remove the following style:

  2. In the sam div, scroll down and choose to align right. This will put the social icons where they need to be!

@McGuire Good eye!! That was a super easy fix as well. You are amazing! :slight_smile: Thanks for the help.

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