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Horizontal Scroll Bar out of nowhere

Hey guys! Hope you can help me out, I’m tearing out my hair trying to figure out this problem and I’m running out of ideas!

So my client’s website is all ready, but out of nowhere there’s a horizontal scroll at the bottom, and only on one page (Boutique)

I’ve tried: setting everything to no overflow, setting everything to percentages, i don’t use vh or vw in width and I’ve hidden every single object on the page to figure out which element was causing the problem. I even tried adding custom code in the page to prevent horizontal scrolling but nothing gives, it just seems like this page is wider than others! (for reference, here’s what the other pages are like: F.A.Q)

Here’s a picture as well of where the bug is:

Hope you guys can help me out as its really the last thing I need to fix before handing in the project on monday, so any help will be immensely appreciated!

have a lovely day

would make it easier to identify the problem if you provide a read-only link.

also a side note: your “ACCUEIL” link in the navbar does not have the same hover effect as the rest of the navbar links. maybe this was on purpose, im just pointing it out :smiley:

Thank you so much for getting back to me! here is my read only link Webflow - OXYGEN WATER

thank you for pointing that out I’ve changed the menu bar settings now! best

Hello Kimmy,

Did you see my read only link by any chance?


Hi Gaston,

I took a quick look at your read-only link, and to be honest, your project is a bit confusing.

The preview function in webflow doesn’t show any horizontal scroll bar, so i took a look at your live website and i used the “inspect” function (chrome browser) to try and figure out what the hell is causing that horizontal scroll bar, i noticed one element that may be causing that, which is the “Div Block 29” element.

Also, you don’t need to use custom code to set overflow:hidden in your elements, you can just use webflow’s feature for that, you can find it under the “Size” panel.

I’m sorry i can’t be more helpful, but it’s hard to identify the issue without being able to test different solutions on the live website.

Quick note: on your “boutique” page, the “checkout” button and “contact” button show dark text when hovered over, which is quite hard to read, maybe you should take a look at that.


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