Gated Course Funnel

Hello all, I want to sell a course on Webflow but unsure how to give access to customers considering I’m limited to only free tools.

To preface this I’m a complete novice to all this, Webflow, web design, coding, you name it. But I’m a quick learner so even a point in the right direction would be invaluable.

I’ve tried searching the forums to find anyone else with my limitations (free methods) to no avail. I understand there are other sites available to sell courses but I like the design capabilities of Figma & Webflow and would prefer to stick to them if possible. I’m still open to suggestions however.

This is my first course so I’ll be keeping it simple but I don’t have money to spend yet to integrate cool paid tools to make the entire workflow smooth and offer cool features like progression tracking.

Some crucial details about the course:

  • Pretty straightforward content, images, videos
  • Relatively simple course-lesson structure
  • Does not include complex features like course-completion tracking and lesson-progress tracking
  • Essentially PDF of a course but gated and hosted on Webflow

Ideally I’d like to qualify my customers using a questionnaire prior to sending them to the checkout page if it’s possible to do this with free tools.

How I imagine the checkout/signup funnel looking like:

Landing page > Qualifying Questionnaire > Qualified > Purchase page > Complete Purchase > Create Account > Login to my site > Access course content

How can a customer get access to an account or access to create an account only after purchasing? Am I able to automate the process of giving access to the paid customers to the course using free tools?

Thank you for reading

As you have mentioned you are complete beginner, creating website like this will be IMHO for you very difficult. You may consider use other platforms that provide functionality you require while keeping focus only on course(s) content. I know many PRO developers who use these platforms as it is easier than build one from scratch.