How could I integrate Udemy?

I have a client that wants to start there own courses with Udemy. But I don’t know how I could integrate a course into there website. Like playing a youtube video once the course has been paid?

Sounds like you might need some gated content.

Through Webflow you can use their Ecommerce set up to purchase a downloadable product, but in my opinion that might not be very user friendly as far as hosting courses goes…

You might want to check out something like Memberstack. They built their product on Webflow and you can create gated content.

So for example, user pays, they get access to specific gated pages depending on what product they bought, and then on that page you can embed your courses or whatever you decide to give them access to on that page.

And through that you can also allow them to register user profiles so that they can come back, log in, and access that content again.

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I think that is great solution to my problem.

I knew about memberstack but my goal was more 3rd party host the course.

But if I cannot make it happen with Udemy i know it is possible with Teachable.

In the end I may just have to upload videos to a 3rd party and use memberstack like mentioned.

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Ah I see. Yeah maybe you can email Udemy to see if they have any kind of embed or iFrame options to show the content somewhere else. I’d assume not though since I would guess their goal is to keep all content on their platform – but who knows.

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Yeah they don’t have a support email listed anywhere.

Yeah they make it a bit hidden, here you go:

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I did send them a support request.
I will leave this forum topic open.
Then update when I get my response so the next person looking will get enough information.

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Here was Udemy’s response :slight_smile:

They do not provide such a service.
Just gotta keep thinking outside of the box.

Yeah that’s what I assumed would be the case.

I guess another option is hosting the course videos somewhere else: Wistia, Youtube, Vimeo, etc. making it private and only accessible on the pages of your site that are gated.

On those pages you can mimic a “course UI” if you wanna get crazy with it. Using tabs and other pages to allow the customer to navigate through the sections of the course with each section displaying new videos/content.

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Hi! You can use Memberstack (to let people pay to access the video pages) + Vimeo Pro (which allows you to let videos be played only under a certain domain). Some resources & examples of this in action:

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Discord, Slack and Teams all manage to embed Udemy (and any other URL you care to use). So how do they do it? offers iframe embed now- so does!