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Online Course / Member portal in Webflow?

Hey guys!

Got a question for you - I want to create a website for my personal brand, on this website I would like to include a paid membership platform where members can access pre-recorded video content (in a course like format).

Is this type of project possible with Webflow? I also don’t want the viewers to be able to go through every video at once, is there a way I can create it so they unlock the videos as they go along?

I know this is a pretty hefty project so I’d like some advice on if this is possible with Webflow, or if not Webflow, what platform would you recommend? is there a course software that I could embed onto my personal brand website?

Hi Enver! This isn’t possible directly in Webflow, but you can use a plugin like Memberstack to make this happen. A few resources here:

Hope that helps!