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Future Webflow Workshop livestream topics?

Hi Webflowers! 👋🏽😁 Now that the livestreams are back, I’d like to know what topics would you like covered or what webpages should I rebuild during a future Webflow workshop livestream?

Thanks in advance!


Hi @PixelGeek Nelson,

I would really appreciate it if you could do a simple dashboard design on Webflow using an interactive left navbar with icons (which I haven’t found a tutorial for), content tabs etc…


It would be cool to solve an issue for webflow eCommerce projects. A major problem for webflow eCommerce is that it can’t take orders for offline payments, I thought of an idea to create a custom page that replicates the cart items on page with totals and have a form below to send through the customers order with out the customer needing to type in a form what is already in their cart. So the part that would be cool would be to figure out how to get the cart to show on page that is not a checkout template. This would be a game changer for me and I know its a huge talking point for people looking into webflow and a massive reason poeple will not go ahead with webflow ecommerce.

The only solution I have found is use a 3rd party platform for the ecommerce which totally defeats the purpose of webflow ecommerce plan.

I would love to see if you had a cleaver way to do this??? Love your work and you have helped me a lot thanks.