Feedback on Workshops and new schedule

To make sure we continually improve our quality of Workshops, please chime in with your honest feedback about the show:

  • What do you like about it?
  • What do you think could be better?
  • What should be added to the show?
  • Will the host ever get rid of his lisp?
  • What future guests would you like to see on the show?

We are working hard to make the workshops better and more fun for everyone. So reply to this thread! :smiley:

Also, we are going on a new schedule for our workshops. The current format of the show that features a guest will be run every other week. On the other weeks, we’ll be running the old format of “How to do (awesome) things in Webflow”

Let’s break it down point by point:

What do you like about it?
I love the spirit of the whole thing. The tone is set by Nelson, and the guests are (usually) helpful.

What do you think could be better?
There are some missed opportunities for power users. There seems to be a divide between two types of webcast participants: (1) power users and (2) beginner designers. I’m not sure of the exact participant stats, but I feel there can be a LOT more for power users.

A good example of a missed opportunity for power users was the the Q&A with Mat Vogels for the 3D Transforms in Webflow. It’s important to say that Nelson and Mat have an awesome on-screen chemistry and it’s great to watch. I was so excited to roll up my sleeves and see the ins and outs of 3D transforms, but the Q&A went in a different direction.

It mainly consisted of the process the team went through to develop 3D transforms. We learned who built it and got a look at the 3D Transforms page, but there was never any real talk about actual usage. No tips and tricks. We got an example of Star Wars crawling text, then about 10 minutes into the webcast the whole subject and was dropped and the conversation shifted away from 3D transforms entirely. After that, we launched into CMS and upcoming dynamic features/whitelabeling. This video could have (and should have) been the ultimate webcast to yank all the developers and designers in who HATE hand coding 3D CSS transforms, but it fell short by not showing the process or any real-life application in the actual designer mode.

What should be added to the show?
Popular and advanced forum questions can be rolled up into micro segments on the webcast. The forum is so heavily text-based and it would just be AMAZING to get realtime demos of some of these things in action. MailChimp signup form integration. Advanced interactions. 3D transforms. Anna’s awesome masonry grid technique.

Will the host ever get rid of his lisp?
Maybe I’m alone, but I definitely don’t hear a lisp at all. I do hear an amazing, passionate, helpful, cool guy who does a bang up job on these webcasts.

What future guests would you like to see on the show?
In all seriousness, I don’t think a new guest is needed each and every episode. Bringing back Mat or Jeff or anyone from Webflow would be great. The real question is what do Webflow fanboys and fangirls want? An interview with Vlad for sure. Show us more of the team. Let us know how the team thinks and works and processes.


I agree, I’d like to know a bit more about the guys and girls working behind the scenes.

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I find them useful but agree with @McGuire that I’d like to see more specifics about some specific layouts. Maybe examples of using custom attributes, creating some div layers, working with transforms and interactions more. Even if it’s not something specific that I would be using…watching what others do can generate ideas or give power users new ways to think about structuring HTML and using the various tools. Maybe demo integrating a third party script like a “count up” type of thing…that might be a bit simple but it’s an idea.

I like knowing a bit about what’s happening behind the scenes but would like the Workshops to be more practical in nature. Maybe you setup a sample/starting point site for users to clone and walk through a specific element or feature.


We totally agree with the power users feedback. This is why we are alternating the formats every week. Next week we’ll have a guest. The week after we’ll go back to the “How to do things in Webflow” format. And so on :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback so far!

I hear it loud and clear. You know what they say "you are your own worst critic :wink: "


You’re right, maybe something along the lines of an irregular “Team Member Spotlight” article/video would suffice and leave the workshops for the practical stuff.

I too would really like to see some designs that push the limit and showcase the power of the platform in the hands of a power user. Which may instil inspiration in beginners to keep learning.


Would love to see this! More realtime demos of challenging topics. Show us what this puppy can do. Awesome post @McGuire You took all the words out of my mouth. I also love hearing (and seeing) new features that are coming in the future before you have officially released them. Gives me a definite reason to tune in. Makes us all feel like part of the dev team.

I think showing off current projects is a nice idea but in reality the general quality is a bit low and you don’t really have time to fix the issues right then and there. I think that best fits in the show and tell section of the forum and leave it there unless there is a specific one you want to handpick from the forum ahead of time. Also reduces the screamers.

That would leave more time to hear from experts on stuff we all need and appreciate.


I hadn’t thought about this. The show and tell section of the workshop offers the least value to me. Not saying it’s this way for others, or that the format can’t work, but it doesn’t offer very much value, especially to power users who show up to the workshops to learn and grow.

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