Request a Webflow Workshop

Not sure if this is the right place for this post, but I’d love to see one of your “Watch us rebuild this site” webinars rebuild

Specifically, I’d love to see you build out some of the animations, since they’re doing it all in code rather than with image files, it seems.



Stripe has a great site with clean interesting design and a good use of animations that are subtle and natural and never obnoxious.

I was going to put the new billing page under inspirations, but watching @PixelGeek rebuild it would be fun too! Who else wants to add a +1 to make this happen.


Great site, but there are somethings I know I would have to custom code to make it happen. Is there a specific effect or section of the page you’d like me to recreate or focus on?

How about menu transition ? Documents section ?
I also believe this is perfect site which gives very satisfactory user experience .

I’d love to see you rebuild that first animation above the fold or the animation for the demo in the “End to End Billing” section. Guessing the “Effortlessly design and test pricing” section would all need to be custom coded.