What should our next Workshop topic be?

List down all the topics that you would like covered in future weekly workshops.

I’ll do my best to get the right guest and make it as fun and informative as possible. :smile:

Thanks in advance and I hope to see you every Tuesday morning 10am (PST).


I’ll get the ball rolling.

  • What really is UX? and for the matter UI?
  • Traditional Graphic Design skills can make you a better Web Designer
  • Graphic Designers no longer need to fear Web Design
  • What’s better? An in-house position or freelancing?
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It would be great to touch on naming conventions for classes… best practices etc :grinning:


And atomic CSS: pros and cons!


Shapes and overlaps in Webflow


Great suggestions! Keep them coming! :smiley:

I agree with @Sveky and @Anna_Kelian …I have suggested the same in several threads regarding the webinars. Hopefully you guys can do it.


You touched on absolute vs relative positioning last week but I think more explanation/demonstration on this would be helpful; like you did with margin, padding, border.

Also, I was asking about how to set one color class that when changed would affect different elements–text, shapes, containers, icons. Like a global palette setting. I know how to set a color within those categories but not sure if there can be one color setting that updates across categories of elements where applied. Obviously some kind of global palette editor would be helpful, but in lieu of that, trying to plan classes strategically for color palette updates to minimize the number of classes that have to be changed.

Hope that make sense. Thanks Nelson!


I’m very new to webflow, this is possibly an amateur suggestion…however, I’ve been hearing that Divs can be very powerful in Webflow. I understand that Divs are used to group and organize content but I would love to see a workshop dedicated to diving deep into Divs, possibly adding interaction examples, who knows.
I just hope to gain a more solid understanding of Divs and possibilities of them.

@Syndicate15 This tutorial may help with that: http://help.webflow.com/lesson/site-structure

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It would be great to touch on making templates for webflow market place


great idea! I’ll put this on the list

Using Flex box to make components like slideshows, accordions, etc…


great suggestion! thanks for adding to the list

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Redesign the Webflow website live on a workshop


Advanced parallax element workshop that touches on your Dutchman site @PixelGeek

Also advanced tab options and tricks.

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How about you redo the webflow website main page in the workshop?

That’ll be amazing. If not the whole website, maybe couple of blocks as you said in the last worskhop.

Hi @ze_rusty, which blocks you referring to, any ones in particular? Could you post a screenshot? Thanks!

Hey cyberdave,

I meant couple of sections of the first page. Like the 1st, 4th & 5th section?

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Great idea! I’ll put it on the list :slightly_smiling: