Webflow Workshop #98: Rebuilding the GoPro.com homepage in Webflow

Join us live on Tuesday, October 3rd at 10am (pacific)
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In this workshop we’ll be rebuilding GoPro’s homepage from scratch and without code. If there is enough time at the end of the stream, we’ll add some cool animations and interactions with the new Webflow Interaction 2.0 feature.

GoPro.com has a search feature, is that coming soon as well as interactions 2.0?

Hi Nelson,
I really appreciate your efforts every single week on pulling up content for the workshops, but… Another design rebuild?

What happened to team interviews, community tips, discussions, other topics?!
Webflow recently launched the University, you have tutorials and it is nice to see a rebuild once in a while, but for creative minds that just breathe novelty, recreating what has already been done, week after week is just not so interesting anymore (my honest and personal opinion)

There are thousands of ways you can use css and by watching these redesigns always done by the same person (no matter how great they are), just gives us the same perspective, over and over.

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate your efforts and you bring great value to Webflow and this community, but I’m feeling that we need something new.

Keep you the good job and get creative, we have all seen that you have it in you! :wink:

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thank you for the honest feedback. I’ve been thinking about this too!

In fact, I just tweeted something out:

I’ll make a post tooo.