Webflow Workshop - March 29 @ 10am PT - Prototyping product dashboards in Webflow

For our next workshop, let’s prototype a product dashboard for fun! :smiley: I’ll be showing you how to create an expanding left navbar (example here: http://evolutionplants.webflow.io/), cards UI, and more!

See you all there! :smiley:



Sounds like fun, to bad I won’t be able to see it. Do you guys plan on doing more of these Workshops on other days [I know I can watch the recording but I like to ask questions when its live]. Because I have school during the times its live right now so it would be awesome if you guys did more of these events and on other days and times. Thanks! Webflow is awesome! :grinning::yum:

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I really like the use of https://www.addevent.com/ for the “Add To Calendar” button.
This is a great feature to implement with client sites!

  • Scott

Is http://evolutionplants.webflow.io/ a cloneable site?


  • Scott

Awesome! Looking forward watching :grinning:

Sorry, its not cloneable. But watch tomorrow’s workshop so you can learn how easy it is to make your own :smiley:


Last bump for this thread :slight_smile: Hope to see you all in the chat room soon.


Thanks again to everyone who showed up to the live recording. Let’s do it again next Tuesday, ok? :smiley:

As for the project I worked on, it’s not finished, but its a great starting point for those that want to create a dashboard:


Go ahead and clone it! It’s free! :smiley:

@PixelGeek Thanks again!

Where will you be posting the example web apps built in Webflow?

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Looking forward seing these sites too !

@zackrabie @Blaise_Posmyouck


Oh and this guy made short video of his process using Webflow for apps:

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Awesome!! So inspiring to see what other people are doing.


Loved the workshop today, I have a question tho I’m trying to add a topdiv to the website but its being hidden behind the other divs?



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Thanks for watching! :smiley:

Try moving your topdiv into the MAIN element. Remember, I have the NAV and MAIN elements positioned absolute:


Ah ok I was looking to have topdiv at the very top going across NAV and MAIN, would this not be possible?

you’ll need to make the heights of both smaller, then move their position lower on the page.


Worked a treat thank you, will there be another workshop to make this responsive?

How did you add the menu button bars from FontAwesome? I tried copy/pasting it, but it doesn’t work. In the video it looked like you clicked it & then pasted it. I’m so confused. lol

Update, I noticed that you have the FontAwesome text font. How did you add that to a webflow website?


You can do that by going to the site settings and uploading the font in the font tab:

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Thank you! =)

I didn’t see that page before.

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