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From dropbox to cms

Hi all

I have 100’s of images in My dropbox. I want to place them in my site using CMS, I’ll appreciate any suggestion.

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hello @Neshka,

I think this could be useful fo you or maybe this other post from the forum How to host files (PDF, documents) on your Webflow site with Dropbox. I hope this helps.

@Pablo_Cortes thanks for your reply

The project I’m working on is web site with 100’s of pictures. for this I’m using webflow CMS and I’m importing the data thru excel. in the excel document I have A field with the image link to dropbox, now I don’t know how to connect to the images from the designer - in other words, what field i need to create in the collection to pull the images from dropbox.

Hello @Neshka,

You have to create an image field on your collection list. When you connect the csv you got from excel you can map the pictures onto your collections list image field, it will give you that option. This link might help