How do you deal with uploading files for clients?

Hi all Webflow CMS users!

Could you share with me, how do you menage with files that your clients wants to add via CMS? I have a client with joint-stock company and they have to add many, many files to their site. I actually don’t know how to explain it to them and have no solution yet. I know there is an option to upload files to dropbox and than add a link but you know, it simple for us, but not for everyone :slight_smile: Have you any other ideas? I would be really grateful for simple solution.


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I export the project and make it a Wordpress theme, then add all the functionality that Webflow doesn’t support.

Thank you for your reply @samliew Are you using some tools to make it WP theme?

Nope, I know how to do it by hand, it takes about 4-8 hours depending on required features.

Thanks, I’ll try that. Have a good day!