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Freelance category cleanup!

Hey guys,

I was browsing through the freelance category on this forum and I’ve noticed something. That would be awesome if we’ll be able to close the request that no longer is valid. I mean, if someone hired someone else already, why not posting info about it? Or closing the topic? Or even better - leave a review about the designer he/she worked with?

Maybe we could make it a rule at that category? Email those who have open topics and ask if they have found someone, was it good and can we close topic or will he drop a review?

P.S. By we I mean you of course ;P I’m just a ninja used for a dirty code-based work ;D

Shouldn’t this move entirely as a feature in the new dashboard/designer platform? @brryant you were asking about desired features for the Designer board, a job board will be a neat addition.

I’d love to see a job board in new dashboard. I saw that “Available to hire” in edit profile, so I assume that’ll come.

I’ve also put some neat features that should appear in new dashboard in one of my emails ;)

Yea, would rather see people use the Webflow “Hire Me” section, but it does make sense to remove old freelance posts. You guys can auto-close them if it has been inactive for 5 days :slight_smile: