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A different perspective on community feedback

Usually feedback platforms such as this forum are used to collect suggestions what (new features) should be added to the product.

This is just the way things should be for a “young” product. But as Webflow matures, with all the terrific functionalities, complexity increases, as well. The greater the complexity, the greater the risk of clutter appearing here or there.

Clutter could be either bloatware functionalities or unsophisitcated implementation of needed functionalities.

I’d assume that this process is inevitable - just like aging, which inevitably comes with wrinkles, white hairs and even things far worse. Therefore, I’m wondering, shouldn’t this forum also have a purpose to collect suggestions on what should be removed or simplified? (Even at this stage, I could point out such things, but let’s not digress from the purpose of this post.)

I’d refrain from giving a specific suggestion how exactly this should be implemented. I’m rather trying to bring awareness of this perspective on the first place. If the Webflow team see value in this, I am certain they’d come up with efficient ways to implement it.

Would be cool to list all the community requested features and filter the duplicates. Then allow us to upvote and downvote based on our own priority. I think Webflow needs some metrics

Write those requests under the Whishlist category, they will be read and taken into account for sure.

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